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We know what you're thinking...What the H E double hockey stick (LL) is "Readable Therapy".  Readable Therapy is exactly what it says, books that helps us deal with life and the many social issues we face today in America.  Let's face it: WE ALL HAVE A STORY! But choosing to tell it is another story in itself.  Readapy is an advocate book publishing company dedicated to spreading awareness through books.  Our boutique book publishing company was created to get people talking about social issues like life-styles, politics, spirituality, sexuality, health, discrimination, teen and adult addiction, homelessness, mental illness in America and so much more.

Readapy publishes novels, children's books, food books, self-help, religious, poetry, coffee table books, and so much more. We strive to find entrepreneur writers with a story to tell or a creative mind to create awareness, or simply to write what's on their mind.  We don't judge! If you have something to say, we want to hear from you.

WHAT WE DO...we publish books!


It's simple...you create, we publish! We work with first time authors. We teach you how to write if you need help.  We don't judge! 

Don't stress, leave it up to us. You just have to want to be an author. No big publishing company here to turn you down. #weheartbooks #weheartauthors


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