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"5 Stories of Life, Love, and Motherhood That Will Rekindle Your Soul!" Lyndia Lipscomb with Destiny De La Rosa, Tricia Wolak, Kimberley Grimes, and Rebecca Rockingham.

5 Women Bare Their Soul ....and peel back the multilayers of life in an attempt to Wow Their Souls after they have combated the woos of life. It's Crazy, Sexy, and Cool, but yet addictive and intoxicating. This book will rekindle your soul as you fall in love with these women. This is their truth, this is their Raw and uncut life stories.

So, kick up your heels, grab a glass of wine, and relax.

This book is a Fantastic Quarantine Read!

"7 Principles to Creating the Life You've Always wanted" Dr. Pam Ennis

Pamela Ennis has superbly taken the Ancient Wisdom of Universal Laws, combined with Spiritual Principles that have been in existence for thousands of years and provided a masterful Step-by-Step guide to applying them to our daily lives.

In this fascinating book Pamela explains the importance of connecting with all levels of your spiritual being and self-truth that will allow you to release all your limitations that have hindered you from reaching your full potential in life.

If you are seeking to experience your greatest potential, clarity, prosperity and the keys to spiritual awareness where you can manifest miracles, than this book is for you.

This book is power packed with “energy rich” goals to enhance your life today.

The “7 Principles to Creating The Life You’ve Always Wanted” contains powerful “Exercises, Prayers, Meditations & Action Guidelines” that will transform your life! 

A Teenager's Survival Nesa Kovacs

Bravo! Finally, a book written by a teen for teens. The narrative voice is simply fantastic! It’s simple and easy to read. Nesa Kovacs, Hollywood’s most sought after teen-socialite and teen celebrity has written a “steamy” yet direct in-your-face practical guide directed at teenagers which gives it a very accessible and informal tone. The author speaks to teens and young readers in such a candid manner, which will warm the hearts of teens across America. This book contains real life personal stories and offers concrete and concise advice on how to handle the pressures of today’s most popular teen choices from another teen’s point of view. The book is respectfully written with a comedic style of common sense but does not compromise the reality dramas of today’s teen life. It contains important lessons and facts involving the behaviors of teen sex, teen parties and substance abuse. It also speaks directly to the teens about self-image, self-respect and the value of respect for oneself and others. This invaluable book will prove to be one of the most useful day-to-day guides for teens and more importantly the voice of many teens that seem to hide behind the walls of life. After reading this book teens will no longer have difficulty understanding and communicating with their peers or parents. This book is a “Must Read” for parents and teens! Bravo! A well crafted book for Teens!

“Lies, Cheats & Deceptions…The Ugly Truth About Your Bank" Kelly Rivas
Kelly Rivas does a fantastic job in providing and easy-to-understand and comprehensive guideline to understanding what some call “The Mortgage Matrix”. If you are one of the millions of Americans that are caught up in loosing your home, ballon payments, denied loan modifications and high interest rates, than look no further. This simple, yet powerful book will assist you through your loan modifications, short sale process and all your real estate transactions with ease and confidence.